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World building! How many other hobbies or careers involve creating an entire world all your own? Not many.

There’s nothing quite like setting out to create your fictional world. Drawing maps, deciding which civilizations live where, throwing in crazy kinds of solar systems and vegetation if you’re really going all out… it can be a ton of fun.

However, one of the writer’s most exciting tasks is also one of their most intimidating.

On one hand: you get to build your own world. On the other hand… you have to build your own whole entire WORLD?! …

However, it was not Carl Jung who first began work with archetypes, nor Jung who popularized them in the literary world. Sir James George Frazer predated Jung by 30+ years with his work The Golden Bough which dealt with cultural mythologies. …

One thing to keep in check when you’re self publishing however, is your budget. When a traditional publisher picks up your work they’ll handle much of the financial end of things and you’ll get a percentage of royalties for your end of the labor. …

Human beings are creatures of pattern. In fact, pattern recognition is one of the things that defines our humanity. So, it only makes sense that successful stories will have some similarities in what makes them successful.

When I think about what makes a great story, my mind flits to classic archetypes, memorable characters, and relatable plot points — even if we’re talking…

Book Daemons

Book Daemons is a helper organization striving to carve out a safe haven online free from those who aim to take advantage of fledgling authors.

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